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Eric de Mare: English bridges

Historic EnglandEric de Mare (1910-2002) was an architect turned photographer and writer. He was highly respected, and in 1943 became editor of the Architects Journal.

He summed up his philosophy: The photographer is perhaps the best architectural critic, for by felicitous framing and selection he can communicate direct and powerful comments both in praise and protest. He can also discover and reveal architecture where none was intended by creating abstract compositions of an architectural quality.

De Mare published numerous books and articles on architectural subjects, often illustrating them with his own photographs. One of his major interests was the functional tradition in architecture. Bridges show a close link between form, function and materials, and in 1954 he published The Bridges of Britain (Batsford). This book traced the development of the bridge from the simple clapper bridges of Dartmoor to the engineering acjievements of the 19th and 20th centuries.

author: English Heritage NMR

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